Oct 30, 2013

Unboxing/Review: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

My package finally came!!!!! I was actually beginning to worry that I was not going to receive my package. I accidentally put the wrong postal code for my shipping address, but somehow it found its way to me anyways! The package I got was from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. I placed my order about two weeks ago and my package was sent out the very next day. It would have been here about 1 week ago probably if I hadn't messed up the postal code. I was tracking my package online and it made it into Canada about a week ago and then got sent back to the US. From Lunatick Labs, I ordered the AlieNEON Supercharged Stacker and the Helper Skelter glitter adhesive. It arrived in a very sturdy, very cute box!

Shipping to Canada was fairly reasonable. I think it was about $10. When I opened the box, everything was securely wrapped in black tissue paper and there was a sprinkling of glitter!

The glitter adhesive came in the cutest little wooden coffin! I will definitely be keeping that on my dresser or something. It is adorable, and has a little latch on the side and everything!!! Here are my two products with a quarter for size reference:

Now for a quick review of the products. I shall begin with the glitter adhesive. Helper Skelter glitter adhesive sells for $8 American and comes with 4 grams of product inside a squeezy tube. The product looks white in the tube but it is clear once you rub it onto the skin. It has a nice vanilla scent to it. This has a kind of greasy texture that never seems to completely dry. It is extremely good at getting glitter to stick though. I tried it on the back of my hand with a BH cosmetics glitter that I own and have been walking around using my hand for a few hours now and all of the glitter is still there! I tried eyeshadows over this base though, and found that it was too greasy. The website does not say anything about using this stuff with eyeshadows though, I just wanted to try it. Because of the greasiness of the product I would suggest still using a primer underneath. This stuff may crease a bit, but I have yet to find anything that actually makes glitter stay on my face properly, so I can handle a bit of creasing if I have to. Overall, I like this product, but I don't love it. I think it was very good for the price, and it does work, but I haven't found my holy grail glitter adhesive yet.

The AlieNEON Supercharged Stacker on the other hand, may be the best eyeshadows I have ever used!!! This stacker sells for $45 American and comes in two finishes. Supercharged is the glittery stacker and they also have a matte version. Normally when there is a matte option I pick that, but these were just so over the top I had to get the glittery version! There are nine insanely bright, UV reactive colours in here and each colour has 2 grams of product. This stuff unfortunately has not been approved for use on eyes in the USA by the FDA, but it has been in Canada and the UK. The packaging on these is alright. I actually hate dust stack packaging normally. The lids seem to twist off too easily and I always feel like I am going to drop it and it will shatter. This one is no different sadly, but it looks so cool that I can live with it. The jars do have sifters in them, which I like.

As for the colours inside the stack, they are AMAZING!!! I was immediately blown away before I had even opened them up or tried them out! These shades are literally brighter than highlighters! Aside from being the best colours I have ever seen, they are also very pigmented and blendable. I literally have nothing bad to say about these. All of my makeup dreams came true today when I opened this box. Here is a swatch of all the colours with and without flash:

Neither picture shows quite how intense these colours really are! The orange near the top is so bright I can't stop staring at it. It looks like it must be glowing!

Overall, I really love Lunatick Cosmetic Labs! I will definitely be getting more things from them in the future. I might, in fact, need the matte version of this some day. On top of these great products they also have a whole line of crazy coloured lipsticks, tons of eyeshadows, palettes and a few face products. They do sell things for special effects makeup as well, like their zombie paint stacker, which has every colour needed to do zombie makeup in it!

I am really glad I found this company, and hope you check them out!


  1. Those eye shadows look amazing! and I love the packaging!

    1. Yeah the packaging was super cute! MY favourite part was the chunky glitter they sprinkled into the box! I did have to sweep, but it was fun.