Oct 16, 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics Round Stippling Brush

A few days ago I received a package from BH Cosmetics. I had ordered mainly because I desperately needed a new foundation and noticed that this one was on sale for $3 at the time. I immediately ordered it, as well as the round stippling brush. I also threw in a couple other things just so my purchase would actually cost more than the shipping! I have been using the foundation for a few days now along with the round stippling brush to apply it and it's time for a couple reviews!

I will start with the stippling brush review. Here is what the brush looks like:

Please excuse my filthy brush. Don't worry tonight is brush cleaning night, I just figured a picture now was better than a picture while I am trying to dry them.

The BH Cosmetics Round Stippling brush sells for $6.95 on their website but everything goes on sale so often, so do not pay full price! The brush was a bit smaller than I was expecting, the top is only about the size of a Canadian quarter (I think American quarters are the same size maybe?). The handle is also shorter than I was expecting. The brush handle is plastic and the hairs are very soft synthetic ones.

This brush is pretty unusual. The only stippling brushes I have used or seen before have been duo fibre brushes. That means there are shorter, stiffer bristles in amongst the longer softer ones. This brush's bristles are all the same thickness and length. The brush is very densely packed so when you push down on it the bristles don't splay out a lot, which is great.

The first time I tried this brush, I hated it, but after a few uses I have managed to make it work properly. This brush takes an extremely light hand to use well, otherwise it leaves a very streaky finish. To use this brush I have to hold it as far back as possible, so I am not using too much pressure. I first dab my foundation all over my face and then with small circular motions I work the foundation into my skin. I really like how good my foundation looks after using this brush, you can hardly tell I am wearing makeup it just looks like my skin, but better.

My only con for this brush is that the handle is way too short! I have to basically hold it at the very end, which can be a bit awkward. For that reason I would probably not buy this brush again. It does give a really nice finish to my foundation, but there are many tools out there that I think can do the same thing without feeling so awkward to use. I do have giant hands for a lady though, so maybe a petite person with tiny hands would like this more than me.

I hope this review was helpful!

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