Oct 6, 2013


Welcome to my beauty blog! My name is Kat and I love bright dramatic makeup, as well as very theatrical looks. I hope to be doing some looks, tutorials and reviews of various beauty products here. I'm terrible at introductions, so let's dive right in with my first look! This is a look I did after watching a little bit too much of my favourite show: Stargate Sg-1. If you haven't watched the show the main bad guys are aliens, called Goua'uld, that have been around since ancient egypt, so a lot of their makeup and clothing reflects that. This is my take on a Goua'uld/Egytptian makeup:
I created this mainly using the BH Cosmetics 120 4th edition shimmer palette and then a heavy dose of both bronzer and gold highlighter. I did not add blush to the cheeks to give my face a colder more alien feel. The lips were done with the same palette. I hope you liked my first look and thank you for checking it out!

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