Oct 17, 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation

Yesterday I did a review on the BH Cosmetics Round Stippling Brush and now it is time for the foundation! I'll give you the basic information and a few comparison photos and there will be pros and cons at the end.

The BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation costs $8.95 American on their website, but it is often on sale. It comes in 12 shades and you get 0.85 ounces in the bottle. The website says this is medium to full coverage, fragrance free, lightweight and long lasting.
Here is what the foundation looks like:

The colour I ordered is Light Ivory, which seems to be the very lightest shade they sell. It comes in a glass bottle, which makes me worry I am going to break it. I was a little bit surprised at how dark this was when I first put some on the back of my hand, but I had read a few reviews already saying it would be. I'm glad I found those reviews beforehand because I normally get the second lightest shade in foundations. This was still darker than my natural skin tone, and quite orange! Here is what it looked like when I first put some on my hand:

Doesn't it look quite orange? Once blended out it really wasn't that bad. It was a shade darker than my skin, but I have been setting it with a very light powder to sort of even it out.

Now for the part I am not so fond of.... You get to see my completely naked face! I have taken a few pictures of my face with and without the foundation on and with and without flash, so you can see how well this foundation really works. Here is my bare face straight out of the shower and then my foundation-ed face, both without flash:

And now the pictures with flash:

I wasn't kidding about those dark circles was I? I still haven't applied any under eye concealer yet though.

As you can see my skin is a bit darker with the foundation on, but it doesn't look unnatural. If I carry a bit of the foundation down on to my neck everything actually looks just fine. It is sort of like using a bronzer and foundation in 1 for me. Unfortunately this will not be the case if you are even one shade lighter than me. Any pale folks out there, just avoid BH Cosmetics for your foundation needs. I have also read in a few reviews that this range doesn't include any colours for very dark skinned people either, so if your skin is between kinda tanned and chocolate brown you are the lucky ones.

Finally here is a picture with concealer and setting powder:

This foundation is very easy to blend and dries to a really nice dewy finish. I am used to things that dry matte, I've just always been more drawn to a matte finish, but I really like how natural this makes my skin look.

As for the claims BH Cosmetics makes about this foundation, it is medium to full coverage, long lasting and lightweight, but it is definitely not fragrance free. I actually really do love the smell of this. It smells exactly like my Grandmothers bathroom filled with expensive face creams used to smell like. I don't really know how to describe it beyond that, perhaps it is a mildly floral scent. The smell does disappear once the foundation dries though.

Ok, time for the pros and cons list.

- Good Coverage
- Long Lasting
- Easily Blends
- Buildable
- Natural Looking
- Amazing Price!!!

- Terrible Shade Range
- Not Fragrance Free
- Glass Bottle

Overall I do really like this foundation, but I probably won't buy it again because there isn't a colour that matches my skin exactly. Winter is coming and I am only going to get paler, so I know this won't be usable all year long...

I hope you found this review helpful!

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