Oct 10, 2013

Unboxing: BH Cosmetics

Hello everyone! I have just been to the post office to pick up a package from BH Cosmetics and I figured, why not put the unboxing of my new things up here?

I have ordered from BH Cosmetivs a couple of times before and both times was very happy with my purchases and the shipping. I placed my order 13 days ago, and technically it arrived yesterday it just didn't fit in my tiny apartment mailbox, so it was sent to the post office instead. 12 days for shipping may seem like a long time for some of you, but I live in Canada and to me that is fairly prompt!

I ordered from BH because I need a new foundation and noticed that theirs was on sale for 3 dollars!!! That sale is over now but the regular price is $8.95 which is still a great price. Products also go one sale on their website so often you never have to wait long for something you want to be discounted. Because the shipping actually cost more than the foundation I got a few other little goodies to round out my order. :) Without further ado, my BH Cosmetics unboxing!

\ This is what the box looked like when I got it. I was a bit worried some of my makeup would be damaged because one whole side of the box was very dented in, but when I opened it everything was very well packed up.

Here it is just opened. It comes with a little thank you card at the top, and is well packaged in tissue and cardboard.

And here is all is! No damages!

I got the liquid foundation in Light Olive, the Glamorous Blush 10 Color Palette, the Round Stippling Brush, the Angled Definer Brush and an eyeliner sharpener, which was a free gift. I already have one of those, but I manage to break them pretty regularly somehow, so I'm ok with getting another one.

I will do reviews on all of these products once I have tested them out better, but until then here are my first impressions. The foundation feels like a really nice medium-thick coverage foundation. I am used to lightweight coverage but have been noticing some redness on my cheeks has started to show through lately and decided to try something a bit heavier. The blush palette is absolutely gorgeous! There are 5 matte and 5 shimmer shades in it and all of them are very pigmented for a blush. The brushes I got are very soft, synthetic brushes. I already have a 10 piece brush set by BH cosmetics, so I will probably do a review of all the brushes I have by them soon. As for the eyeliner sharpener I was upset at first that the larger end didn't seem to even fit my BH jumbo concealer pencil. Why would a company make a pencil sharpener that doesn't even fit all the pencils they make? A few minutes later, though, I noticed there is a removable ring to make it hole bigger, so it really does fit. They really should write that somewhere though....

I am very pleased with my order and full reviews of all of the products will come soon!

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