Oct 29, 2013

What's In My Purse?

This is just a fun list of products I always make sure I have in my purse before leaving the house.

Makeup in my purse:

- Chapstick (of course). Usually it's Burt's Bees. My current favourite is Burt's Bees Acai Berry chapstick.
- Concealer. In case I need a touch up, I normally carry BH Cosmetics' Jumbo Pencil Concealer. It matches my skin well and the pencil shape makes it easy to carry in my purse.
- Hand cream. Especially this time of year, my hands start to get dry all the time so I like to keep a little travel bottle of hand cream with me at all times. I am currently using Naturally Upper Canada's Pressed Olive Avocado Hand & Body Lotion.
- Compact mirror. Obviously, this is for touch ups. I have been using the same compact mirror for years. It is small, round and has little butterflies with a sort of mother of pearl finish.
- Lipgloss. I don't always use it, but it's nice to have one in your bag just in case. Currently in my purse is a BH lipgloss in Peace, Love & Mod. It is a good neutral colour for me that will go with any makeup look, just in case.
- Setting powder and a kabuki brush. Right now I have some sort of loose Covergirl powder and a Bare Minerals kabuki brush in there.

What else is in my purse?

- My ID and money normally. That's right, no wallet. I like to live dangerously disorganized.
- My bus pass. I'm 23 and I don't drive. Sad? Maybe.
- MY cell phone (of course). I have a water resistant, dust proof and scratch resistant. It is as close to entirely cased in bulletproof glass that I could get. For some reason, I throw my phone when I'm angry.
- A book. Those bus rides can get long and boring! Right now I am reading Medalon by Jennifer Fallon, it's a really good fantasy book.
- A giant mess of garbage, kleenex just in case, and various candies (also just in case).

What is not in my purse right now???

- My keys!!!! I lost them and am waiting for the replacement still. I guess living dangerously disorganized has its drawbacks..... The past few days my boyfriend and I have had to coordinate who would take the keys or be home to let the other one in first. It is starting to get really annoying.

So that is everything in my purse right now! I don't think there is much in there out of the ordinary, is there? What can't you leave the house without? Let me know in the comments!

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