Oct 15, 2013

Quick Look: Thanksgiving 2

This is my second thanksgiving look. I actually didn't wear this look to thanksgiving dinner because I got a bit rushed. Last night I just wore a simple sweep of copper and bronze eyeshadows over my lid and a little bit of brown eyeliner. Here is the look I wish I had been able to do yesterday, but did today for fun instead.

I Used a MAC eyeshadow in Humid all over the outer two thirds of the eye making a slight wing at the outer edges. I then took the darkest orange in my BH cosmetics 120 4th edition palette and put it on the inner third of my eye. I then placed the brightest gold from that palette on the inner corner. I blended the edges of the green very slightly with a matte white in my BH 88 matte palette so the edge wouldn't be too harsh and used the same colour as a brow bone highlight. Then I finished off with black eyeliner in my waterline and tightline and black liquid eyeliner that mirrors the slight wing in the eyeshadow. On my cheeks I used a mix of a bright red and pale peach colour in my BH Glamorous Blush palette, and on my lips is a BH lipgloss in Peace, Love & Mod.

Hope you have enjoyed this look! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all Canadians and future Thanksgiving to all you Americans.

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