Oct 11, 2013

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs

I thought I would just do a quick post about a new company I have found, Lunatick Cosmetics Labs! This is a relatively new company it seems, and so far, I am absolutely in love with them! Their products seem to be aimed at people interested in crazy bright looks and also stage makeup. Even better, all of their products are vegan and cruelty free! Here is the url: http://www.lunaticklabs.com/

They have an amazing selection of products, and many of them have a wonderful zombie theme, so I am even more in love with them. They also have a huge range of unconventional lipstick colours. I just placed my first order with them, and am extremely excited to find out what their stuff is like. I purchased a dust stacker of something called alieNEON pigments, which are UV reactive!!!! I also got a glitter adhesive because I really, really need one of those! Shipping to Canada is a little bit expensive, but I think this will really be worth it.

I suggest you take a look at their website and peruse their bloody, fabulous products! A review will be up as soon as my order arrives, so look forward to that!

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