Oct 9, 2013

Look of The Day: Spirals

Last night I asked my boyfriend what sort of makeup I should do. I should know better than to ask this question to a guy, but his answer was "spiral" so I ran with it. The original idea I had was to do a big swirl/spiral coming out of my left eye, and you can see it started out that way with the main 4 big lines, but I sort of got a little crazier after that. So here it is!
I'm not completely in love with how the black eyeshadow I smoked all over my eye looks on the camera, it makes my eyes look extra tired, but it's too late now! I would really like to post all of my looks on here, whether they turn out perfectly or not. At least here you get some fun inspiration I hope, if not the prettiest of pictures. :) Now on to the products I used. For the eyes I used my BH Cosmetics 120 palette 4th edition. For the doodles I used the Hard Candy Walk The Line liquid eyeliner in asphalt. It isn't the most opaque eyeliner but I really like the brush tip for drawing designs and details. Hope you enjoyed it!

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