Oct 28, 2013

DIY Beauty: Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

This recipe is for an insanely easy body scrub. This is like the amped up version of the lip scrub I showed you last time. The addition of ground coffee makes it a rougher texture, which is better for use on the whole body. There are literally 3 ingredients to this scrub: sugar, ground coffee and oil. I suggest you use raw sugar but if all you have is white or brown granulated sugar, go for it. I used regular white sugar this time, since I have run out of almost all of my skincare making products right now. I just ordered some new fancy oils and things online, but they aren't here yet, so here we are. You can also use any kind of oil you want. I used mineral oil for the same reason as the sugar. You could use olive or grapeseed oil, or anything else you like too.

To make this scrub you basically take equal parts of ground coffee and sugar. I think about a 1/4-1/2 cup of each makes a good amount if you are covering your whole body. All you have to do after that is add some oil, just a bit at a time, and stir until everything starts to get clumpy. You don't want this to be runny at all. The oil is just helping everything stick together. When you are finished it should look a little like this:

Once you are done take your bowl into the shower with you and when you have finished soaping up, scrub this all over your body. The sugar and coffee will remove all the dead skin and the oil will make your skin feel very smooth and soft. You will also smell delicious afterwards! This actually made my entire bathroom smell like a toasty cup of coffee all night. I used this scrub last night and my skin is still feeling silky smooth today, almost 24 hours later.

Next time you are feeling like doing something special for yourself and don't want to spend any money, consider this! One warning though, you will need to take a minute to wash the coffee grounds out of your shower afterwards! I hope you like this recipe and give it a try!

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