Oct 30, 2013

Halloween Tutorial: Demon

It is almost Halloween! Only two more days!!! I definitely wanted to get more than just one Halloween look posted this year, so I sat down tonight and came up with this! This look would be good for a devil or demon costume.

This look was actually fairly easy to achieve. I used a very light foundation on my face and didn't bother with under eye concealer. I then basically filled the entire circle around my eye with a flat shader brush and a matte red eyeshadow. Mine is from Makeup Forever, but the number has rubbed off. I then took a very fine angled eyeliner brush and used the same red to make streaks down my cheeks and at the outer corners of my eyes. I then took a matte black eyeshadow and, using the same brush, traced the inner edge of each line with the black to give it a bit of depth. I also did a very smoky eye with the same black and a fluffy blending brush. I then filled the inner corner of my eyes with a shimmery yellow pigment. I also filled my eyebrows in with a matte black shadow, exaggerating the arch in them a bit. To do the lips I outlined them in Sigma's eyeliner in Boost and then filled them in with the same matte red eyeshadow. I blended the edges of the red and black with a lip brush.

That's it! This look was done very quickly, since I felt like I needed more Halloween posts.

Hope you like this look! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. Cool! Great idea and good job! Love it!
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