Mar 4, 2014

Review: Balea Exfoiating Face Mask

This past Christmas, my stocking was stuffed with some face masks and I am finally getting around to trying one of them out. My skin has been acting out a lot this week (I have had an acne flare up on my cheeks about once a month, sigh...) so I thought it could use a little extra pampering. The mask I picked was the Balea Exfoliating Face Mask. It has aloe and ginseng in it to help cleanse and calm the skin.

The product comes in a foil packet and looks like this:

Please excuse the grainy iPhone picture.

It is white, with a clay consistency and tiny black granules in it. It has a very light scent of aloe. I can barely notice the scent when applied to my face. I rubbed it into my skin with circular motions for 1 minute then left it on for 10 more minutes as directed by the package.

My beautiful mask coated face!

The little granules are not overly harsh on my skin, but I could still feel myself getting properly exfoliated. As I wore the mask my face got really cold for a few minutes, which I am not so sure I like. It is kind of weird.

I took a shower to wash this off because I knew I had also gotten some into my hair. I actually almost always wash these kinds of masks off in the shower, since I find them a bit annoying to remove.

Once it was all cleaned off my skin my face did feel extra soft, but that was the only thing I noticed. The soft skin effect lasted for about 2 days afterwards though!

Overall I think this is pretty run of the mill. It did what it said it would, which was soften and cleanse my skin, but it wasn't spectacular. I probably won't repurchase this one, but if I get it as a gift again I won't say no!

What is your favourite face mask?


  1. I've tried a few of these Balea masks in the past, and have never been super impressed either. I have not tried this one, but I know what you mean by it not being anything special. Thanks for your honest thoughts :) x

    1. :) Hopefully I'll review something more exciting next.

  2. LOL you look so cute in your face mask. I do one every Friday at the end of the week, its my time to unwind. I have tried this brand, it is okay, I like to switch up my masks.


  3. Haha, Erica is right! Once you run through your Christmas stash, I'd be interested in some DIY face mask posts!

    1. Oh I'm already planning some!!! I love diy-ing this sort of stuff!!!