Jan 21, 2014

The Hair Chronicles: No 'Poo Dandruff Treatments

I have been without shampoo for a few months now, and while my hair is shinier and softer than ever, I am noticing one problem. I don't plan on posting any photos of my gross flaky scalp here, but just trust that I have dandruff right now. This really only became noticeable over the last week or so. It could partially be due to the dry winter air, but I think the baking soda cleanses aren't helping either.

I am not willing to give up my gorgeous no 'poo locks, so I will be exploring some natural dandruff treatments and writing about them on my blog over the next little while. I will also be exploring some natural hair masks and different things to condition with. I am getting a tiny bit sick of the smell of apple cider vinegar in my shower every day. I'm starting to feel like a salad.

Here are the first few ideas I have:

Tea tree oil dandruff treatment - I have heard from reading a few no shampoo blogs that rubbing this into your scalp can help with dandruff! Unfortunately the reviews are mixed about whether or not I should to this before or after washing my hair. I will be trying this both ways and let you know how it works.

Honey hair mask - I got this idea from Giedre's post about a honey hair mask! I really liked the sound of this one and can't wait to try it out.

Brown sugar scalp scrub - Apparently if you make a scrub with some brown sugar and work it into your scalp it helps with dandruff. I can't lie, this one seems a bit scary to me! Somehow I feel like I am going to end up pulling some hair out. I will try it anyways.... For science!!!

Those are the only ideas I have so far. If anyone else has any thoughts about natural dandruff treatments or hair masks, please let me know! I need some help on this one guys!


  1. I am doing a honey mask right now, albeit a facial one. I love natural remedies, so I look forward to hearing more about this!

    1. Haha! I was thinking of doing a honey mask facial the the same time as my hair mask!

  2. I definitely need to try this!

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  3. I've used coconut oil twice in the past week and the eczema on my scalp has been noticeably lessened!