Jan 23, 2014

More Liebster Questions!

I was nominated again the other day for a Liebster Award by Tracey from Tracey's Beauty. Since I just did one of these posts the other day I don't plan on doing the whole thing again, but I think answering the questions is fun, so I will still do that part! Here are the questions that Tracey wrote"

if you could live anywhere where would it be?
I would move to New Zealand. I hate the winter, but I also hate the summer and it seems like a nice in between there.

name one makeup item you have been lusting over but havent bitten the bullet yet?
There are a couple of things. The first being Sugarpill products. I have known about Sugarpill and wanted their eyeshadows since before it was even a company, and somehow I still haven't bought anything from them.... The other is an Hourglass Ambient Light Powder. They are just so darn expensive!

do you have a middle name, if so what is it?
I have two actually Elizabeth Whytock. The first is my grama's name and the second is an old family name. With my hyphenated last name, that leaves me with 5 names in total!

if you had paid everything you needed to and had a 20 dollars/pounds left what would you buy?
Lipstick or ice cream. Wait.... I could totally get both for 20 bucks!!!

what do you find your self looking for most on youtube since starting your blog?
There are things on youtube that aren't makeup related?

how long do you spend (hours) on your blog a week?
Oh no I don't even want to think about that. Too many? I do count all the time I spend reading everyone else's blogs though.

what would you say your best bargain was?
I rarely buy things unless they are on sale, except for makeup. Regardless, I honestly don't keep track of good bargains either. I did get some great things at H&M a little while ago that were all between 2 and 7 bucks!

how often do you find your self looking at makeup online and in store?
Online? Basically hour I have a computer in my face..... In stores though I rarely look for makeup anymore. I really have become an online shopper lately.

if you was sent to a island name 4 things (not people) you would take(no internet or phone allowed)?
Any items or makeup items? Because if it was anything I think I would pick a knife, a fishing rod, a piece of flint and a jacket. If we are not planning to survive, but want to look pretty while we starve to death though? Then I would pick foundation, mascara, chapstick and blush.

how many lipsticks do you own?
Too damn many! Since the last time I answered that question I seem to have bought quite a few. I don't really want to wrangle them all for counting right now so I am going to guess between 30 and 40.

if you had to be ready for 7:00 am what time would you get up?
6:30am probably. I normally like to give myself a bit longer than that to get ready, but damn that's early!

Well that's it for the questions! Thanks again for nominating me Tracey! I suggest everyone pop by her blog and take a look.


  1. You totally could go to New Zealand. If you're under 35 (assuming you're Canadian, which I think you are?) it's really easy to get a working holiday permit to go there for a year - did it myself a few years ago. It can get cold in places, but not the same level of cold/snow one would expect in Canada or the northern US winters.

    1. That's awesome! My boyfriend and I sort of have plans to move there eventually if it is possible! I can handle a little snow! It is currently -27C (about -16F) outside and there is about 3 feet of snow. At this point anything less than that is fine with me... :P

  2. Great questions! And Sugarpill is totally worth the lust.

    1. Someday I will own it all! Muahaha!

    2. That's what we all say, my sweet. That's what we all say.

  3. I know what you mean! I hate the winter especially now that it is freezing! and I don't like summer's here sometimes because we have these humidity alerts which makes it feel like an oven. I like a happy medium too so fall is not bad :)


    1. Yeah, spring and fall are the only bearable seasons here...

  4. So cute questions and I adore your answers doll <3