Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Years! My Resolution

Happy New Years!!! I want to take a minute and thank all of my amazing followers. I haven't been doing this for very long, but I have already met so many great people. I'm thankful to have you all read all my ramblings every so often, and I love reading a lot of your awesome blogs too! I thought, to celebrate the new year, I would highlight a few blogs from a few ladies that I think are pretty awesome! Some of these ladies, I feel I've gotten to know a bit through the blog-verse, and I'm really glad I have.

Giedre Grey. She does a lot of great product reviews, and has some really lovely makeup looks too. She also does the occasional outfit of the day that I always think is really cute!

Makeup Love by Emma. She is super cute and is currently doing a series on how to get really easy curls in various ways that I am loving! (My requests may have helped push her to do this :P)

Meet Me On The Bright Side by Kristin. She has an awesome blog and once a week also hosts a great blog hop for beauty bloggers. This is a great way to link up, meet new people and maybe get a few followers, so check her blog out!

Diary of A Trendaholic by Erica. She is a fellow Canadian blogger who does amazing makeup looks. I'm also a big fan of her photography. The pictures she took of her latest vacation are to die for!

Brightest Bulb In The Box by Robyn. Well, she certainly is. This blog is a great read! It is filled with reviews that often go much further in depth than most. She has a better understanding of biology and chemistry than the average person (or maybe just me I don't know....) and is able to explain things really well.

There are so many other great blogs that I have discovered over the past year, but I just didn't want the list to go on too long. If there is anyone I missed, I'm really sorry! This is just a small sampling of my favourite blogs. Now on to my new years resolution.

It's time to jump on the spending ban-dwagon. This holiday season I went a little bit crazy with the online shopping. It is time to let my poor credit card have a little rest and recharge. There were just too many amazing sales going on! I don't regret any of my purchases, and technically I was able to afford them all, but I just don't need anymore clothing or makeup for a little while! Don't worry, I still have a lot of packages coming in the mail over the next few weeks, so I will have lots to review for you guys.

I think I will keep the spending ban going until May. My birthday is in May, along with a comic convention I will be going to, so hopefully I can save up a little extra cash until then. I am also hoping to visit my friend in London sometime this coming year and will need to save up for that as well.

Ok, so here are my rules to myself:

1. I can only buy makeup or skincare if I run out of something essential like mascara, foundation or toner.

2. I have to try and use up all old containers of said skincare products before buying anything new. This includes things that have been lying around for years that I don't like very much. Suck it up me!

3. I am not allowed to buy any non-essential clothing. I am allowing myself a few basic pieces as there are some things I really need to replace in the new year. I need new pants and shoes quite badly, so I am allowing myself those.

4. Any clothing or shoes I do buy has to be very neutral and able to go with most things I own. I have been buying too many crazy pieces that are hard to pair with other things lately. If I need to replace something, it needs to be basic. I also can't go nuts and buy the most expensive pants ever just because I can't buy anything else.

5. No accessories. None.

Those are my rules. I will of course have to spend money on other general life things, like my boyfriend's birthday that is coming up, but that can't be helped.

Is anyone else planning a spending ban this coming year? Are you doing any other resolutions instead? Let me know in the comments! I'm sorry this was such a long, picture-less post. Happy New Years Everyone!!!


  1. Hey Kat! Thanks so much for including me I feel honored :) I wish you all the best with your rules but I don't think I could do it lol, I'm such a sucker for retail therapy and I am going to the makeup show in L.A in March so that will not help. To be honest I don't even try to cut back I do the opposite and just let loose lol.

    I have a ton of birthday's coming up as well so the shopping never ends. My mom, step mom, sister a few friends my hubby's and a few other people I am probably forgetting.

    This year I am going to do more of the same, try to travel as much as possible and live to the fullest...and maybe I should make better use of my gym membership lol.


    1. Hahaha retail therapy is nice :P I'll still be buying for birthdays and stuf I'm just going to try and spend less on myself.

  2. Great blog recommendations Kat! Good luck with your spending ban, you can do it! :) x


  3. They certainly did help and I'm glad your liking them- thank you for including me :) Have a great new year, darling :D

    1. I'm loving them I tried one way already! I need to find the right headband for the second try still.

  4. Going to check out those blogs now!

    Those are some great rules, I should make some like that! I have been trying to use up all of my containers, I have so many lotions/bodywashes/etc cluttering up the bathroom.

    Cheers to 2014!

    Undeniably, me

    1. Hope you like my picks! Good luck if you try it!