Jan 10, 2014

Review: Lunatick Cosmetics Labs Palettes

I already did an unboxing about these, because I just had to show them off immediately, but now it's time for the review! These are 6 pan eyeshadow palettes from Lunatick Cosmetics Labs. This is the same company that made the AlieNEON dust stacker that I reviewed a while ago.

Each palette costs $25 and you get 6g of product. They also have an option of a stackable sifter set of loose pigments in the same colours. It costs the same amount of money but you get double the product. I opted for palettes though, because I hate dust stackers.

The packaging of these is really cute. It is a sturdy cardboard palette that has a mirror inside and magnets to keep it shut. This is what it looks like:

Each palette comes with six little acrylic rectangles that fit over each colour. This is because the eyeshadows are so soft they can easily get gouged or turn to dust, but with these you can press them back into form!

I don't think I will be leaving these in the palettes though, since they have a tendency to fall out. I will be saving them in the coffin box until I need them.

The two palettes I got were the Asylum City palette and the Jack's Nightmare palette. I'll start with Asylum City!

Sorry for the blurry picture but this one really showed the colours well. The colours from left to right are Chronically Red, Ertomania, Hydrotherapy, The Yellow Pill, Sister Mary and Confinement. All the colours in this palette are matte or semi-matte. The first thing I noticed while testing out these eyeshadows is how incredibly soft they are. I have honestly never felt a softer eyeshadow in my life before! This stuff must be so finely milled, it is almost hard to believe. Because of this they blend beautifully. Here is a swatch of them on my arm:

These swatches were done with a finger over no base. Chronically Red is a completely matte, bright yellow based red. Ertomania is a bright grass green that is semi-matte. Hydrotherapy is a semi-matte blue. The yellow pill is a matte lemony yellow. Sister Mary is a matte white and Confinement is a semi-matte black. I picked this palette because it had great primary colours and other basic shades and I am not disappointed.

The other palette I got was the Jack's Nightmare palette!

This is their Holiday palette and if you didn't guess already it is Nightmare Before Christmas themed!!! I could not pass this up, since that is one of my favourite movies ever! This palette's shades are just as soft as the first, but this is a mix of mattes and shimmers.

These are also swatched without a base. The colours in this palette are Obsession, a matte cloud grey, Mischievous, a shimmery pale blue, Doctor Finklestein, a bright matte purple, Terrorway, a rose gold, Halloween Town, a dark matte purple and Nabbed, a dark brownish purple with some red tones to it.

These are the first regular eyeshadows I have tried from Lunatick Cosmetics Labs and I am hooked! I already mentioned it before, but these eyeshadows are all so incredibly soft! They are also cruelty and talc free as well as vegan, which is a big bonus! Their makeup is also good for people with sensitive skin. I suggest you check out this company if you haven't already because these are amazing!

Have you ever tried Lunatick Cosmetics Labs products before? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i really love the colors of Jacks Nightmare, great review!

    1. Thanks! I'm having a hard time deciding which I like best but i think the two purple shades in that are my favourite!

  2. nice review. Visit and follow my blog, I will do the same as a return.

  3. GORGEOUS colors! especially that second palette! Though, I think the fact that the shadows are so fragile would freak me out!
    Great post!