Nov 18, 2013

The Hair Chronicles: 4 Weeks Without Shampoo

My hair is not perfect yet.... Why??? This is going to be a very quick post, again with no real pictures. I didn't really see the point in any pictures because you can go to any recent post and see a picture of my greasy bun. I'm starting to get really sick of buns!

I will admit it is getting better, and softer somehow, but I still have greasy patches. I have washed with baking soda about once every week, and for one or two blissful days my hair is beautiful, for the most part. I can wear it down without fear of being seen in public! after that it starts to get some grease patches in it.

If this goes on much longer I may have to break down and shampoo my hair..... I will go as long as I can, but this is harder than I thought it would be!

What do you think? Should I keep trying?


  1. early this year I went for two weeks with using no shampoo on my hair just washing it with conditioner, as it was really dry and messed up from bleach when I went from black hair to blonde. Ive read that not washing your hair at all is actually quite bad for it because of bacteria and things accumulate on the scalp, I think if you use a moisturising shampoo you should be fine rather than not washing it at all. If it's working for you thats the main thing, but I know my hair would end up even drier and more prone to breaking without washing it! x

    1. Well I've been using baking soda as directed to keep nasty bacteria at bay, but yeah, it's just not working so far.

  2. Keep trying!!! I'm curious....