Nov 5, 2013

Not Enough Neutrals

If you haven't noticed yet, I like bright colours. I'm starting to think I may like them a little bit too much sometimes. The past few days I have seen a ton of bloggers and youtubers do beautiful looks in shades of browns, taupes, mauves, greys and tons of other gorgeous shades I have never really considered before. I have always made sure I have a few neutral shades on hand for days when they are really necessary, but certainly not enough to recreate any of the gorgeous looks I have seen lately. Normally if i need to tone it down, I wear metallic shades or a plain cat eye.

So here is why I am posting this: I want you guys to tell me what your favourite neutral eyeshadow palettes are. I'm looking for things with a range of light and dark shades and hopefully a mix of matte a shimmer colours. I have a new-found appreciation for champagnes and chocolate browns, so help me! Drug store or high end brands are both fine as long as the quality is good.

So let me know in the comments, what is your favourite neutral palette and why?


  1. If you're not a huge neutral fan, I would suggest the different palettes by Wet n Wild. The Comfort Zone one is filled with browns, but they even have some of the 3 shade ones with really nice neutrals like Walking on Eggshells.

    1. I'll definitely take a look at those next time I'm at the drug store! They sure are affordable which is good.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you - I prefer bright colors but have recently found myself more attracted to neutrals. I would second the suggestion of the Wet n Wild palettes if you're just playing around with neutrals - I recently got the Wet n Wild "Silent Treatment" trio which has a surprisingly pretty taupe shade, if you're into that sort of thing. I posted pics on my blog a while back: