Nov 8, 2013

Quick Look: More Blue Lips And A Small Warning

I can't stop playing with strange lipstick shades now! Tonight I was playing around with some makeup and made a new lipcolour. Tonight I used Impulse Cosmetics lipstick in Smoking Gun and layered a NYX lipstick in Narcissus over top of it to make a brighter kind of purply blue.

This post is also going to be a warning about a horribly useless product! Do not buy NYX Jumbo pencil in Slate!!! This stuff is horrible. As you will see in the next few pictures, it creases like crazy!

Can you see those creases? These pictures were taken immediately after I applied my makeup. This whole thing took about 20 minutes to do and I think after about 10 minutes it was creasing! And no, I did not use too much product. I used the bare minimum and blended it out to a light grey shade before applying oil slick all over the lids. I also used primer underneath! This stuff is just terrible, don't bother with it.

I absolutely love oil slick though. It kind of really does look a bit like an oil slick that that rainbow glitter in it! And the lips! These were so fun to do! I love the colour. It is sort of like a dark periwinkle blue.

My lips look slightly more purple in real life, but still mostly blue.

I hope you like the look!

Have you ever tried NYX Jumbo Pencil in Slate? Did it work for you?


  1. wow the blue is so vibrant here!! :)

  2. Love this blue! Speaking of bright lip colors, have you ever tried anything from Portland Black Lipstick Co? They have a lot of unusual shades. I just got a few samples from them but I have yet to swatch them... I did try their metallic blue color on my lips though, and it's surprisingly wearable. :)

    1. I haven't tried them yet. I have a whole list of indie makeup companies that I am currently making my way through and they are definitely on it! I really want their actual black shade, it looks so perfectly black!

  3. New Follower here :) Looove the blue! Melt cosmetics has some awesome funky lipsticks!