Nov 15, 2013

My Makeup Lust List

I thought this would be a fun post with Christmas coming up! It is just a list of all my favourite makeup and holiday sets this season that I wish I could have. I don't really expect to get much of this for Christmas, but it's still fun to look at.

1. Hourglass Ambient Light Powders:
These are absolutely the coolest products I have seen in a while. They claim to be a "universal finishing powder that features state-of-the-art technology to recreate the most exquisitely flattering types of light". Basically, if you really like how your skin looks under a certain type of light, for example diffused light, you can get their diffused light powder and it will help to make your skin look like that.

I know I'm a bit late on this bandwagon. Recently Hourglass released a limited edition palette that had 3 of the ambient light shades in it, but they seem to be sold out now. I have yet to try these out, but am hoping to find them in my local Sephora when I go tomorrow and swatch them. I have seen a few reviews and tutorials with these products and they look absolutely gorgeous! One of these will definitely be going on my Christmas list, but each powder retails for $52 Canadian, so I doubt this is one I would pick up for myself unless I really felt like splurging. I would really like the Ethereal Light for a highlighter, or the Luminous Light for a brighter more golden highlight.

2. Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow Palettes:
I can't believe I have been obsessed with makeup for so long yet I still haven't managed to get my hands on any Sugarpill products!!! What is wrong with me? I have been following the company since it started up and I keep telling myself I will buy something from them, but the shipping cost turns me off every time. I can't remember exactly how much it costs to ship to Canada, but it is about half the price of the things you are buying unless you buy a ton of stuff. Shipping on orders over $100 are free to any country though.

I mostly want the Burning Heart palette, but the others look really nice as well. Maybe some day I will feel like dropping $100 and I will get all of them with free shipping?

3. Sephora + Pantone Universe The Color of The Year Collection:
This year Pantone chose an emerald green shade as the colour of the year. I love emerald green ant to top it off, my birth stone is emerald too! This collection has been out for a while now, and it has gone one sale for 50% off at $41! This collection has 7 products in it all with the Pantone Colour of the Year Emerald in them! I am actually really hoping someone does get me this one for Christmas, it has made it onto a physical Christmas list and not just the fantasy list in my head.

4. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs AlieNEON Makeup Palette:
This palette was just released a few days ago in time for the holiday season and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! Remember that AlieNEON Supercharged Dust Stacker that I did a mini review of a little while ago? Well this is like the matte version of that in an extremely awesome palette form. The palette has 10 awesome UV reactive matte shades plus a black and a white. The palette packaging is also really cool with a lid that flips up to reveal 6 shades and a drawer that pulls out to reveal 6 more. The whole thing is covered in an awesome design too and I would just love to have it sitting somewhere to stare at! This crazy, awesome, neon palette is $45 American, so slightly more for us Canadians.

5. Lime Crime Velvetines:
I love Lime Crime! I honestly don't own any of their newer products, but I own some of their Magic Dusts. The ones from years ago before she changed her business a lot and released entire new collections. I have been following Doe Deere since she was an adorable eBay seller who made her own clothing. I want all of her new makeup, but most of all the Velvetines. They are lips stains that dry to a matte and velvety finish and they looks so pretty in every picture I have seen! They are $16.99 each and there are 3 shades to pick from.

6. Sephora Favorites Draw The Line Gift Set:
This is basically a big ole' pile of eyeliners to try out for $36. I really want this, so I can finally find the perfect liquid eyeliner! I'm hoping at least one of the ones in this will work for me.

7. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette:
I thought I would end this list with a product to look forward to. I know this hasn't been released yet, but the second it comes out I need it. A little while ago I asked you guy what the best neutral palette would be for me and since then, I have been looking at things and being extremely indecisive. I have seen a few reviews and sneak peeks of this beauty though, and I think this is the neutral palette for me. It is full of nude colours with pink undertones, which I think are flattering on almost everyone. I don't exactly know how much this is going to sell for, since it hasn't been released yet, but I think I read somewhere that it would be $52.

Well, that's it for my wish list! I'm sorry there are no pictures, but I don't own any of them to take pictures of. I'm also really not sure what images I can legally take from where. I see tons of other bloggers use images that look like they are taken straight from a company's website, but I'm not entirely sure if they are allowed to do that. If any of you can help, or know of any articles that explain it well, please let me know in the comments!

What's on your lust list this holiday season?


  1. Do get the Velvetines! I have Suedeberry and I quite like it! And I'm right there with you in wishing for the Naked3. (and yes it will be $52)

    1. Suedeberry looks like the best colour to me actually! What is the staying power like?

    2. Variable. If you're talking/eating/drinking a lot it does wear off in about an hour or so, but otherwise I get like 3-4 hours from it, plus a residual stain.

  2. Ohmygosh. I also really want the Naked 3 Palette. Pinky neutrals sound amazing.

  3. I so want the Naked 3 too! I loveeeeee rose gold shades, so it's perfect xx

    Gemma //

  4. Great list!!! I will try a few!