Dec 13, 2013

Whine And You Shall Recieve (Sort of Haul)

So yesterday in my post I whined like a little kid over the fact that none of my packages had arrived yet. I knew about the one left at my parents house already, so after work yesterday I headed over there to get it. To my surprise there were 2 other packages there for me as well! I guess I typed my parents address in to Amazon without thinking!

So, here is my very quick haul of some things I purchased at sales leading up to Black Friday. I didn't actually buy anything on Black Friday, but a lot of these were still on sale. This won't be a huge haul and very little is makeup related. I still have a few more things on their way (all makeup), but I'll start with this. First the most boring probably.... My book came!!!

This is really not at all makeup related, but I think I'm more excited to get this than anything else. This is the second book in the Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon. I bought the first one last year at a charity book rummage sale for my old elementary school (I love finding great books for about a dollar!). It just sat around on a book shelf until I decided to read it a little while ago and it was so good that I had to order the next one before I was finished. I ordered this from Motor City Books on Amazon. Sadly I still finished the first one before this arrived. Oh well... It is in way better condition than I expected a used book to be. If you are a big fantasy fan, I suggest reading this series. The first book is called Medalon. Here is the next thing I got:

Modcloth was having a huge Black Friday sale and it even started a few days before Black Friday! Tons of new items were 50% off. I snagged this awesome 50s inspired dress for just $24.99!!! It is a much brighter blue in real life, the flash made it hard to tell though. I ended up buying one size too big by accident. I thought 1X and XL were the same and I normally need a large/extra large. I decided to go a size up since I was ordering online so I took the 1X. 1X is apparently the same as the 2XL I am normally used to seeing, which is enormous on me. Fortunately this dress fits small and also doesn't really look bad slightly oversized. It has a white tie belt that I can tie a bit tighter too and it looks fine. If I ever lose any weight (hahahahaha) I might take it in a bit, and I'm already thinking I might hem it. It goes slightly past the knees which isn't a good length on me. It isn't really appropriate for this season but it was so cute I couldn't help it. I'm trying to figure out how to style this for winter, but likely it will just hide away until it is warm out again (sigh..... forever from now).

And finally we have a makeup related package!!!

I decided a little while ago that I need to start wearing false eyelashes more often. I almost never wear them because I suck at the application. The mess just never seemed worth it to me before, plus I once ruined an expensive pair of MUFE lashes trying to put them on. The second time I ever tried putting some on I even glued one of my eyes shut! To fix this I went on amazon and bought the cheapest packages of eyelashes I could find. I figured I needed a bulk amount for practice and I wouldn't mind ruining the cheap ones. I got one a big box with 10 identical pairs in it:

These ones honestly look quite cheap. They were, so I can't really fault them for that. They will be perfect for practicing though. The next package of them had 4 different types, each with 4 pairs in it. These ones actually look significantly nicer than the big box. This is my favourite of the bunch:

I'm really excited to try these ones out! Altogether this order of eyelashes from Amazon came to $2.98!!! They did of course ship from China, but I was expecting that. If any of these end up being particularly good quality I will let you know, because you can't beat that price! I still have to go get some lash glue to apply these with. If anyone has a favourite ash glue brand they think I should try, let me know in the comments!

So that was it for my haul. I will post the rest once I get it. Did you do any Black Friday shopping? What did you get?


  1. I need to work on applying false lashes too! I should probably practice instead of deciding I'm going to try and put some on when I'm going out.. I usually end up messing up my eyeshadow! I can't wait to see what you think of these because the price is really good!

    1. Yeah, that's what I always used to do and it would always end with ruined makeup.

  2. Nice haul. I like your dress a lot. And so many lashes! Waiting for new makeup ideas ;)

    1. Haha thanks! I'm planning some dramatic looks once I figure these eyelashes out.

  3. That dress is very cute! You might be able to make it work for winter with a cardigan and tights... nothing wrong with saving it for the spring though. I picked up one of those big white boxes of lashes off eBay recently but still haven't used it yet. I need the practice too, lol.