Dec 11, 2013

Old Makeup Love: L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos

This is a new series I'm starting in the hopes of using some of my older makeup again and maybe even using some of it up. In the Old Makeup Love series I will be spotlighting and reviewing products that I have had lying around for too long. Most of them will probably be eyeshadows, some that I have had for years. Hopefully, I will also manage to get posts up of makeup looks using each product within a week of each Old Makeup Love post. I won't go making any promises about that though.

The first in this series will be the L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos. I have collected quite a few of these over the years. The first one I ever got was a duo in Showy. I got this years ago in Highschool and it had a gorgeous turquoise blue as well as a great navy. I couldn't find that one for this post but I gathered together as many as I could.

From left to right these are Riotous, Perky, Poppy and Adventurous. Perky and Poppy are both matte duos. All of these are incredibly pigmented and wear for a long time. They are also wonderfully blendable. As you can maybe tell, my favourite is Riotous. It has the most amazing shimmery lime green that I used to wear almost everyday when I was younger. Here is a quick swatch of the colours with and without flash:

Look at how pigmented those are! These are all one swipe with no base. Now I'm not sure what the prices of these are, since they are all pretty old, but I know they are pretty inexpensive. I'm also not sure if all of these particular duos are still available either. I still suggest you check out whatever L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos are available in your local drug store. They are such great quality for the price!

Have you tried any of the L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos? What did you think?


  1. These are surprisingly pigmented - I think "Perky" would be my pick of the batch.

    1. That's my second favourite I think. The matte grey in that one is kind of unique.

  2. Oh wow I've never seen or heard of these before, but they look so pigmented for those who love colour xx
    Gem //

  3. i own one of these in Electrified! Thanks for the reminder! x

  4. Perky has some beautiful shades! I think it's a great idea to pull out old products you haven't used in a while! I'm starting a similar series soon where I do makeup looks with old products that no one talks about any more