Dec 2, 2013

Review: NYX Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara

I decided to try this mascara out when my last one ran out. I had been using one of the Scandaleyes mascaras and while I didn't hate it, it wasn't the best. I normally really like NYX products so i decided to give this a shot. I bought the black Doll Eye mascara in the Waterproof formulation from my local drugstore. I can't remember how much I paid for this, but I think it was around $10. The NYX website seems to be down right now so I can't check what the price is there.

This is what is looks like. Mine is kinda gross from being in a purse all the time though. I actually really like the packaging. It is a slim, bullet shaped, shiny tube. When you open it up the wand looks like this:

I also quite like the shape of this wand. It is fatter at both ends so it goes with the shape of my eye really well. I can get mascara on the corner eyelashes much more easily. It is also not enormous like some wands that I find difficult to use. The main problem with all of this is that the tube dispenses too much product onto the brush. If you look closesly at the picture there is a huge glob of mascara on the end of the wand. I often find myself desperately trying to scrape that glob back into the tube to avoid getting it all over my face, only to get it all over the tube instead.

As for the formula? It's ok. Not great though. It does a fairly good job of lengthening and thickening my lashes, but it certainly isn't amazing. It does get clumpy very easily if you start adding extra layers though. Here are some before and after pictures with 1 oat of mascara:

Not bad looking, eh? But the biggest problem with this mascara is that it is absolutely not waterproof. Not even a little bit. In the shower it is mostly gone in minutes. It also starts to wear off if you have very watery eyes, like I do when I walk outside in the wind. I doesn't run in black streaks down your face or anything, but it starts to flake off really quickly when wet. I don't have any clue why they decided to call this waterproof.

So overall this mascara is only ok. I would have actually liked it quite a bit if it had been at all waterproof, like it claims to be. I was pretty disappointed at how fast it broke down when wet.


  1. Ah the brush looks so promising, such a shame that the formula let it down! I love the brush, I'd be tempted to try it in another mascara :D xx
    Gem //

    1. Great idea! When this bottle runs out or I get fed up with it (more likely) I will wash the brush and save it to try in other formulas.

  2. That's a shame it broke down quite quickly when wet :(( it looks really promising!

    Sharlotte xxx