Feb 26, 2014

Review: Impulse Cosmetics' Winnie And Boggart

This review has taken way too long for no good reason. Every time I have thought of taking swatch photos recently, I immediately went "blah, that's too much work," and moved on to something else. My life has been a little crazy and stressful lately, but I have no idea why I thought swiping some things on my arm and taking a photo was so much work! Don't worry though, I got over it the other day and did swatches of tons of things I need to review!

Today I will be reviewing the two things I ordered from Impulse Cosmetics over the holidays. Don't worry, I have had these for a while and did not break my spending ban to get them. I ordered one eyeshadow called Winnie and one new lipstick called Boggart. And here they are!

Winnie is a orange with a teal shift to it, and Boggart is one of their new Metalluxe lipsticks in a dark green shade.

I will start by reviewing Winnie. This eyeshadow is so unique that I just had to pick it up. It is a tan/orange shade that on it's own wouldn't be very impressive, but it is filled with these really pretty teal/aqua sparkles! The photos don't do this justice at all. Actually, the sparkles do show up, but the amazing colour of them doesn't show through at all, which is very disappointing. I am clearly going to have to work on my swatch photo skills! You will just have to trust me when I say this shade is beautiful and unique, or just go to their website and see pictures taken by someone who sucks a little less than me at it!

Now for a review of Boggart. I have extremely mixed feelings about this lipstick. I'll get the bad news out of the way first. This is not nearly as opaque as any other Impulse Cosmetics lipstick I have tried. In fact the opacity of this is pitiful compared to the rest of them. The swatch above required about 3 swipes and it takes even more when applying it to the lips. It is also really hard to get the colour even on my lips. It has a blackish base to it with the metallic green over top and if you aren't careful, you can get patches of just that blackened base. Now, for the good news. This colour is absolutely gorgeous, and once you get it on right it does stay put for a good amount of time. This colour is a pretty good dupe for Limecrime's Serpentina lipstick, although I don't have that one to make an actual comparison. I have a feeling that the Limecrime version might take a little less work to get on though, so if you are willing to pay their prices, I might recommend going with their metallic green instead of this one. I feel almost bad saying that, because I am such a devoted Impulse fan at this point, but I really think they fell short with this one. Oh well, I will continue to purchase from them, because every other lipstick I have bought from them has been amazing!

I am still pleased with my order, even though the lipstick was less than perfect. It still works eventually and I really love the colour, so I will make do. I also love the eyeshadow!

Have you ever tried anything from Impulse Cosmetics?


  1. Aw, bummer about the lipstick =/ That eyeshadow sounds fantastic though! Such an unexpected color combo!

    1. Yeah, I still love the colour, but I have barely worn it because of all the effort. The eyeshadow really is fantastic though!

  2. That eyeshadow sounds so cool. I have never heard of Impulse before! Thanks for the intro!

    Polished Portland

    1. You should definitely check them out! Most of their lipsticks are fabulous as well!